Hell Rice Barley Wine

Hell Rice Barley Wine

Nyt ois muutama hassu pullo tymäkkää spessua!!

It’s the BSA Barley Wine.
High fermentation Beer;
29° Plato;
IBU 55;

An hell of a Beer.

It’s a Barley Wine with powerful notes of syruped fruit and alcohol that heat up palate and soul. The dry taste given by the special varieties of rice used (Venere, Baldo, Carnaroli, Rosso) togheter with the sweetness of a Beer so warm and rich offers an amazing balance.

A sip of Hell Rice it’s a journey in the depth of your soul to face always with cheerfulness the daily hell. It’s allright with strong goat cheeses, tobacco and chocolate.

It’s the best Beer to finish the day after workin’ hard an break your back for twelve hours: light up the fireplace, a glass of Hell and Kentucky Toscano clouds togheter with the Mondina’s (rice harvesters) work’s chants and the screaming of the Cenobites, the torturing demons.
F*** the boss!

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